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You can provide new or updated Visa or Mastercard credit card payment details via our website.

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The viewing package can be upgraded anytime (24h). To downgrade you need to give 30 days’ downgrade notice.

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How to activate Sky viewing card?

To activate the new Sky viewing card, please refer to the paperwork that will be sent along with the viewing card. Please go to our Activation Tool and follow the instructions online.

How to change my current Sky viewing package?

Please contact us stating the Sky UK channels you would like to add or lose. Adding channels/packages takes effect the same day ( up to 24 hours ). Downgrading a package can be done by giving a 30 days cancellation notice.

Then leave your Sky box switched on and we’ll manage the rest.

Change TV package

Annual fees

We charge a service and account management annual fee per Sky Digital Viewing Card subscription. The service and account management fee is 179 € per annum. The charge is made after 11 months of your subscription .You will receive a information email 6 weeks before the renewal is due. The annual renewal payment is to be paid by VISA or MASTER Credit Card to as a one-off payment.

If you wish to stop your subscription after 12 months you must contact us 45 days in advance to cancel the contract. We have a cancellation email form, where you can easily sent your cancellation to us. The Sky viewing card must also be returned to us to complete the cancellation.

Minimum length of subscription contracts

By ordering a Sky Viewing Card you are entering a 12 months contact with Sky Digital UK and UKsatellite.TV. You can renew your subscription after 11 month of contract for another year. We notify all customers 6 weeks in advanced for Sky account extensions. The 1-year service renewal fee is 179€. The Sky abroad subscription can be cancelled by giving at least four weeks notice prior to the first annual renewal, or any time after this 12 month term, by giving 30 days notice and sending the Sky Viewing Card back to UKsatellite.TV. The Renewal payment is not refundable.

What happens if my monthly payment fails?

If your monthly payments to Sky UK fail for one month then they will just carry the balance forward to the next month, as well as cancelling your direct debit details. They will then issue the account with an invoice around 14 days before the next months payment is due. If this payment is not received on time then you will get a “Call to Upgrade to receive this channels’ message” which means the system will automatically suspend your Sky account. If payment is received within 22 days of the account being suspended then your viewing will get automatically reactivated, if payment is after that time then we would have to call Sky and reinstate the account by clearing the outstanding balance. There is a additional .50 pence charge for credit card payments.

Change payment details

Sky TV charged too much off my credit card

Sky Digital can take 2 months subscription at the start of the contract term. You then have 1 month free at the end of the subscription. If it is not the start of your subscription and you feel Sky have made a mistake please send us a copy of your credit card statement and mark the wrong deductions on it. We will take care of it for you.

If Sky TV has charged you incorrectly for any reason, you must notify us within 4 weeks of receiving the statement. Clearing this with Sky may take up to 6 weeks.

Connection to the telephone line?

In the UK you can get the Sky digi box for free (or nearly free) but you must agree to connect it to the telephone line for 12 months according to the terms and conditions of the “interactive contract”.

Outside the UK it cannot be connected to the UK telephone line and therefore the Sky digi box or Sky HD box must be bought non-subsidised. We only sell non subsidised Sky boxes which can be used outside the UK with no telephone connection.

What if Sky TV switches the Sky viewing card off?

Sky will only switch off a Sky Viewing Card if the monthly payment is not made. This can happen if you call Sky yourself. Please always contact us with any issue you are experiencing and we will resolve the problem.

What is my Sky PIN?

On Sky activation, your Sky PIN will automatically be set as the last four digits printed on the back of your Viewing Card. If you should enter the PIN wrong three times in a row, you need to wait 15 minutes to unlock the restriction. If your Sky PIN is not working, please let us know. We will then reset the PIN for you.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) lets you choose which TV shows are watched in your home. You can stop children from viewing unsuitable programmes and control how many Sky Box Office movies and events are ordered.

You can set up age rating filters which for selected programmes, restrict access to specific channels completely (or from 8pm) and remove the adult channels from the TV listings. You can stop recorded programmes from being viewed or restrict access to after a certain time in the evening.

Can I record programmes in HD with Sky+ HD?

Yes, the Sky+ HD 2TB lets you store even more of your favorite Sky HD shows. With one terabyte of personal storage, you can record up to 350 hours of high definition entertainment – that’s four times more than the latest Sky HD TV box.

With the Sky+ 500 HD box you can record up to 60 hours of high definition shows, or up to 185 hours of standard definition programmes.

The Sky+ HD boxes have all the Sky+ features built in, like recording selected series at the touch of a button, recording two programmes at once – and record selected series automatically.


If you receive an error display message when using your Sky box, please refer to our troubleshooting guides.

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Here you can find all information and guides, for example the Sky Software Update that provides the newst software version to your box.

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Order a new Sky+ HD 500GB or a Sky+ 2TB replacement box for your existing Sky viewing card.

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