Sky+ HD 3D 500GB Box only

Sky+ HD 500GB Box only

New product

The Sky+ 3D HD 3D 500GB box has a 250GB personal storage; the remaining 250GB is retained by Sky for Anytime/VOD/3D services.

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199,00 €


With the Sky+ 3D HD 500GB box you can record up to 60 hours of high definition shows, or up to 185 hours of standard definition programs.

No Sky UK viewing card included. To use this Sky+ HD Box you need a Sky UK viewing card!


Info 1 500GB hard drive
Info 2 Sky on Demand, Sky Box Sets, Catch Up TV (requires VPN OnDemand Router)
Info 3 Sky 3D (requires 3D TV and VPN OnDemand Router)
Info 4 Including Sky remote
info 5 12 month warrenty