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If you have downloaded or received the new Sky+ HD Guide and your Sky+ HD box is installed with a single satellite feed, please follow the steps below to ensure you can continue watching TV and receive complete programme listings.

Checking for single satellite feed

Look at the back of your Sky+HD box for two sockets called Dish Input 1 and Dish Input 2.

If you have a wire entering each socket, you have two satellite feeds, so please move on to the instructions for resetting the LNB below.

If you only have a single wire going into one of these sockets, then you will need to ensure Single Feed Mode is set to ‘ON’.

Switching the Single Feed Mode to ON

Follow the steps below to turn Single Feed Mode to ON:

  • Ensure that the satellite cable is connected to Dish Input 1 on the back of your Sky+ HD box, and that the Sky+HD box is not currently recording.
  • Press Services on your Sky+ HD remote control.
  • Highlight the Settings menu using the right arrow button.
  • Highlight the Picture tab by pressing the down arrow button once.
  • Press 0, 1 and select.
  • The Setup tab will be highlighted within the Installer menu.
  • Press Select and use the down arrow to highlight Single Feed Mode within this menu.
  • Using the right arrow button, change this setting to ON.
  • Press the Green button when you’re done.The on screen message (OSM) “Single Feed Mode – Caution” will then be displayed.This will take a few minutes to complete. Pressing select will reboot your Sky+, and current recordings will be stopped. It will then mean you can only record one programme at a time, and Anytime will be unavailable. Press select to continue or backup to cancel.
  • Press Select to continue, and your Sky+HD box will be rebooted


    If you receive an error display message when using your Sky box, please refer to our troubleshooting guides.

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