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Sky box stuck in Stand-By on a red light

Sometimes a Sky box gets stuck in standy or or slow to respond, this instruction will guide you to resolve this issue.

If your Sky box is stuck on Stand-By please follow the instructions below:

  • Using the Sky remote control press the Stand-By (Power) button on your remote control to switch the set top box on to the red standby light.
  • Switch OFF the power supply or remove the plug at the mains socket and ensure that there are no lights illuminated on the front panel of the set top box
  • Switch the TV onto standby and then switch off the power supply or remove the plug at the mains socket. Repeat this process for all other electrical appliances attached, for example, your Blu-Ray player.
  • Confirm there are NO lights remaining on the set top box or any connected equipment.
  • At the back of the set top box, individually check the dish input cable(s) are finger tight and any RF connections are seated correctly.For each scart lead connected, remove the scart fully from the socket and then reseat the scart lead securely back into the scart socket.
  • Repeat this procedure with the SCART/RF connections at the back of the TV.
  • Switch the set top box power supply back ON at the mains socket and ensure the red standby light has appeared. For a standard Sky digibox, wait for 30 seconds after the red light has appeared.
  • Reconnect all other electrical appliances that were disconnected.
  • Turn on your TV as you would normally do.
  • Press the Sky button on the remote control to return the set top box to full power, confirming there is a green light illuminated on the box.

Sky Software download

A software download (update) resets the software in your Sky box to the latest stable version – a bit like reinstalling a program or operating system on your computer to resolve a glitch. A signal is downloaded from the Sky satellite, not via your telephone line.

To start the software download follow these instructions:

  • Press Stand-By
  • If a cordless telephone is in use, and connected to same socket as box, unplug box plug only – not the phone.
  • Switch OFF power supply to set top box.
  • Ensure connected equipment (TV, DVD etc.) are switched to standby then switched off/disconnected at mains power supply.
  • Ensure no lights remain on box or any connected equipment.
  • To start download process, press and hold in Backup button on front panel of box.
  • While holding in Backup, restore power to box by switching on at mains socket, continue to hold backup.
  • Hold for up to 30 seconds until all lights on front panel of box display. When all lights appear, Backup button can be released.
  • If after 40 seconds, lights have not appeared, start process again. If second attempt fails, you’ll need to contact us for further assistance.
  • Switch ON, or reconnect, all electrical appliances that were disconnected at power supply and switch TV on as normal.
  • You may see and on-screen message stating: Updating System Software, do not disconnect from the mains supply or satellite dish. This process may take up to 10 minutes.

Front panel Sky full system reset

A Full System Reset reformats your hard disk to fully restore your recording, playback and viewing facilities. You should only use this as a last resort, as you will lose all your recordings, reminders and series links.

  • On your Sky remote, press services to see the Options menu.
  • Select Settings – the Picture menu is displayed.
  • Press 0 (zero), 1 then select to access the hidden engineer menu.
  • Select System Reset.
  • When you see the message “This option will delete all existing and planned recordings…” press select to continue.
  • You will see the “Housekeeping please wait” message for a couple of minutes.
  • If you’re still seeing the “Housekeeping please wait” message after two minutes, use the Power reset procedure again, then repeat this Full System Reset again.
  • As the Full System Reset begins, the lights on the front panel of your Sky box will light up.
  • Your Sky box will reboot itself and then display a continuous red (standby) light. Note, if your box has ‘Off mode’, this standby light will be amber.
  • Wait for four minutes to allow your Sky box to warm up.
  • Press Sky on your remote, and you should see the green light displayed.

At this point you should check to see if you can view and record Sky programmes normally again. If you cannot, please contact Sky customer services. If you see a messages on your screen which begins “TELEPHONE CONNECTION – To use the full range of interactive services…” there may be a problem with the telephone connection from box to phone point. To resolve this, please refer to our help guide.


If you receive an error display message when using your Sky box, please refer to our troubleshooting guides.

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