Sky box system fault

If you keep seeing the message “System Fault” on your TV screen, follow the steps below to resolve the problem.

Planner rebuild procedure for Sky+ HD box

This process will stop all recordings in process and reboot the box. If there is a recording underway, consider waiting until it is completed. Rebuilding the planner will not delete any existing recordings.

  • Press services on your Sky remote control and you will see the main menu with Options highlighted.
  • Highlight the Settings menu using the right arrow button and press select.
  • Press 0 (zero), 1 then select to access the Installer Setup menu (this menu is
    not listed on the Settings menu options).
  • Use the left/right arrows to highlight Rebuild (this will change to Sky+ Rebuild when reached) and press select.
  • The on-screen message “This will take a few minutes to complete. The rebuild will stop all recordings and reboot your Sky+” will appear. Press select to continue.
  • The on-screen message “Housekeeping please wait” will appear and take up to two minutes to clear. If your Sky+HD box continues to display this message for longer than two minutes please carry out a power reset (below) with the viewing card removed.
  • Once complete your Sky+HD box will switch itself off and then back on automatically displaying the red standby light.
  • Ensure the red standby light on the box has re-appeared, then wait for 3 minutes.
  • Press sky your remote control and the light on your Sky+HD box will turn green.

Full System Reset Procedure

You should only use this procedure as a last resort, as it will delete all your recorded programmes and recording requests. If you have already used a Full System Reset to clear a similar problem in the last month we advise you to contact Sky Europe Support to resolve the issue.

If you are using the latest Sky+ HD Guide:

  • Switch off at the mains
  • Holdin Left and Right navigation buttons, switch power on and hold for about 30 seconds until Green play light comes on
  • Press Select
  • The play-light will then rotate clockwise while the resetting procedure takes place. This may take up to 3 minutes (this timing could vary if there are no programmes stored in the hard drive).
  • It then reverts to “Standby”
  • Leave the machine for 2 minutes while hard drive reformats.

If you are using a Sky digibox, Sky+ box or still have the older Sky Guide:

  • Press Services on your Sky remote control.
  • Select option 4 – System Setup.
  • Press 0 (zero), then 1, then Select to access the Installer Setup Menu.
  • Select option 8 – Full System Reset.
  • You will see a warning that you are about to delete all existing and planned recordings.
  • Press Select to continue and you should see the message “Housekeeping please wait” for up to 2 minutes.
  • Your Sky box will carry out the procedure, reboot itself, then wait in standby mode.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and 30 seconds after the red light comes back on, then try to record a programme, to see if the problem has been resolved.


If you receive an error display message when using your Sky box, please refer to our troubleshooting guides.

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