Sky Programme Clash

If you see the on-screen message “Programme Clash” this could be because a third programme was set to record at the same time as two others, or a programme’s time changed after you set it to record, making it clash with other recordings. Bear in mind that for series-linked programmes, the next episode is sometimes added to the Planner only when the previous episode starts recording.

Removing a Sky programme clash

If you see the “Programme Clash” message as you try to record more than two programmes at the same time, your Sky+ HDTV box will automatically highlight the recordings it suggests you cancel to make way for the new recording.

  • To cancel the previous recording and replace it with the one you’ve just requested, press Select
  • To cancel the recording you just requested and keep the previous one, press Backup

Manually schedule a recording

The advanced recording clash options give you full control over which recordings you cancel. Pressing back up will take you back to the simple recording clash screen.

To manually cancel a recording:

  • Press the Red button on your Sky+ HD TV remote control to display the advanced options.
  • Highlight the recording you wish to cancel using the up/down arrows.
  • Press the Yellow button to cancel a recording. Repeat the first two steps for each recording you wish to cancel.
  • Press Select to confirm the changes made or press Backup to cancel.


If you receive an error display message when using your Sky box, please refer to our troubleshooting guides.

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