This display does not support HDCP

If you see the message above, your TV set does not support HDCP, or “High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.” If this is preventing you from viewing Sky on your Sky+HD box, you must disconnect your HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) input/output connection according to the steps below. Please note that following this process will stop any recordings currently in progress, so if you are currently recording a programme you may wish to wait until it has finished before proceeding.

HDCP Reset Procedure

This procedure will make sure your TV set is HD ready, with the correct HDMI* or DVI** connections and HDCP software, follow this HDCP Reset Procedure:

Switch your Sky box to standby:

This process will stop all the recordings currently in progress and reboot your Sky box. If a recording is underway, you may wish to consider doing this after the recording has completed. Wait for 30 seconds to allow the hard disk to stop spinning.

  • Switch off the power supply or remove the plug at the mains socket and ensure that there are no lights illuminated on the front panel of your Sky box.
  • Switch your TV set to standby, then switch off the power supply at the mains and unplug it and ensure that there are no lights illuminated on the front of your TV set.
  • Wait for 60 seconds, then turn the power to your TV set back on and switch to the HDMI/DVI channel using your TV remote control.
  • Switch your Sky box power supply back on at the mains. When the red light comes on, wait 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Press tv then sky on your Sky remote control.

If you see a message on your TV screen saying “To use the full range of interactive services please ensure that an operating telephone line is connected, press backup to return”, just press BACKUP

If you see a message on your TV screen saying “No Satellite Signal”:

  • Press tv guide on your Sky remote control.
  • Press select with All Channels highlighted.
  • After a few seconds the listings should appear as normal.
  • Press sky to return to normal viewing when the “No Satellite Signal” message has cleared.

You may see a message on your TV screen saying “Searching for Listings”, then Channel 998 should appear.

Tune to channel 105. If you see a message on your TV screen saying “Insert your Sky viewing card”:
Remove and re-insert the viewing card into the slot marked Sky viewing card. Make sure that the arrow on the viewing card is facing into the machine and the gold chip is facing downwards.

Tune to an HD channel to check whether this procedure has resolved the issue.

If you continue to have problems, please get in touch with us.

HDCP compatibility issues

There are HDCP compatibility issues with a small number of older models of Hitachi LCD and plasma televisions when used in conjunction with a Sky+HD box.
Sky and Hitachi have been working together with the aim of identifying the cause of the issue. If you have a Sky+ HD box and a confirmed HDCP compatibility issue, please contact Hitachi Europe Limited’s Consumer Helpdesk.

*HDMI • High Definition Multimedia Interface: Sometimes referred to as the digital SCART, HDMI is a digital video standard using both a specific lead and socket that can transmit both uncompressed HD digital audio and video signals. Screens require a HDMI connector with HDCP, high bandwidth digital content protection, (or the slightly lower specified DVI) to receive Sky’s HD transmissions.

**DVI/ Digital Visual Interface: A video-only connector found on some DVD and flat screen TVs. Users can connect DVI TVs to their initial Sky+ HD box via an adaptor. For this to work, the connector must support HDCP.


If you receive an error display message when using your Sky box, please refer to our troubleshooting guides.

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